Mr. Bro

FIA is an freelancer international alliance, a team of enthusiast developers who have set themselves the goal of creating a single portal for managing activities aimed at maintaining, improving and developing software for online commerce.

One of the key areas of the alliance is to create a complete CMS - a solution for a medium-sized business that will allow in the short term to start trading on the Internet.

Supplement, support, administration, and other information on CMS management is on a single portal with a forum, and allows you to keep up-to-date on the latest trends in trading with minimal cost.

Also, our specialists are some of the leading e-commerce developers with a wealth of experience, not only to make radical changes to the distribution, but also to start new trade trends and to create new concepts in the promotion of a particular type of online stores.

Our software solutions are one of the most competent ones, which are implemented with dozens of tests and inspections and have the maximum effect.

Our division: "DEVELOPMENT AND IMPROVEMENT" refers not only to highly specialized activities, but also to life-principles that are aimed at continuous self-improvement and the development of new ways to achieve the goals, first of all, to meet the needs of the society, namely, the end user, that who will be the driving force of the economy of the modern century.

  • 18 April 2019 Alpha-release CMS BroCart v.3.1.5

    The fastest, SEO adapted script for creating an online store, based on the OpenCart platform 3 versions, with the author's addition to the code of experienced programmers and best practices for more than 8 years of active shop-making.
  • 16 September 2015 Release CMS BroCart v.3.0.7

    The most stable, updated and reliable release, with updates on user requests, bug fixes, added code, based on OpenCard version
  • 04 May 2013 Release CMS BroCart v.2.7.8

    The first release was a start-up of a large-scale project that revolutionized the e-commerce niche, which proved to be the safest, SEO-optimized and intuitive distribution.