Mr. Bro

Important information on the settlement on the server is the use of the base currency, called: CodeON [codon] - the rate fixing is always equal for a single coefficient and the cost when converting the base currency can be seen at the top of the page.

You can top up codons in your personal account, the minimum value for the first installment (one time) is 15 codons, this amount will be transferred without commission to your personal account, or linked to the store ID.

The return of resources after downloading the file is not made, since digital goods, according to our terms of cooperation, are not refundable.

Support after purchase: You have the right to contact the author of the add-on via the internal communication channel, for support, for the purchased add-on, if there is no answer within 72 hours from the time of contact, you can contact the FIA ​​for support for 15% of the cost free of charge Supplements will be transferred from the developer’s account, to the FIA ​​fund with further note on the add-on page, about the author’s missing or partial support.

You can upload the received supplement in your account in the "Files for download" section, where all the information will be available for files exchanged for codons.

Information on transactions, the exchange of codons for files, can be viewed in the "My operations" section of your account.

Files received on our server are non-refundable, be attentive to the requirements.

Joint downloads are bulk, group loads: this is a type of codon exchange, for intellectual work, by a group of interested persons with the author of the development, with the aim of mutually beneficial barter.

Requisites of the Guarant - a temporary number assigned by FIA for the exchange between the participant and the developer, which guarantees the provision of intellectual work by the developer and receiving codons for the product, by the participant, the Guarant service fee is individually negotiated for joint downloads.

The formula of the storage is the logic of accrual, according to which each participant has the opportunity to get the declared code, and has the following parameters:

Fp = (St \ Ct) + Kf

Fp - the price of the file for which the group load was created for the final participant

St - the total amount set by the developer

Ct - the number of participants, which confirmed (reserved) the participation

Kf - is a static percentage of the commission that the FIA ​​sets for the services provided and acts as a Guarant of the total value of St

An example of calculating a file for the file "Integration of downloading files from a brocart server by API" in the amount of 80 codons for 15, 40 and 70 participants with a coefficient of 0.7% of the total development figure (0.56 codons):

[(80 \ 15) + 0.7%] if for 15 users, then the final figure for each participant will be 5.893 codons, for 40 participants [(80 \ 40) + 0.7%] = 2.56 codons for each and for 70: 1.702 codons

The rules for receiving a file always start from the participant, by reservation of the number of codons, even to the number specified by the developer for addition, the Guarant, this service is FREE and has no purpose of receiving commission from either the participant or the developer, this is a general security system and until the buyer confirms , receiving a file, until the codons for the exchange will be retained on the details of the Guarantor.

Agent commission is a remuneration set for each agent individually, depending on the completed plan, the tracking is transparent and is in the personal account of the Agent in the "My referrals" section, and is calculated under the following conditions:

    1The interested person passed on the referral link, thereby confirming the Agent, and including tracking

    2. At least one brocart file codon exchange transaction was conducted

    3. Commissions are charged from each exchange (exchange of a codon for a file) to the personal number of the Agent

If 2 or more Agents invited the same participant, the tracking is assigned to the one on whose link the first transition was made.

If within 3 calendar months, the Agent is not active, the bonus system drops all points.

Withdrawal of funds: funds can be received no more than 1 time in 2 weeks to the account specified in your account.

All disputes are held in a closed arbitration of the company, without the right to disclose to 3 persons, according to the law, confidentiality and terms of cooperation, if this happens, without notifying the Administration, the latter has the right to cancel the account and prohibit any activity on the FIA ​​Services.