Mr. Bro

«Shop-making» [shop-making] - the art of creating an online store, respectively«shop-maker» - a specialist, master, guru, whose competence is not just to connect all the modules in one store, to see that there are no errors, to stretch the pattern and catch the deadline.

Not only the primary optimization (“internal” - internal optimization) of the site depends on its level, experience, skill, but also the user-friendliness in the interface, implemented by doping the template to an intuitive state for the client - the end user by the shop, the speed of displaying the page on different devices, the correctness of the ordering process and the chain of notifications, in the process, and, finally, the profit of the owner of the OS (online store).

The concept of a “shop-maker” is so widely and specifically specialized that it cannot be compared with a “typesetter, programmer, SEO manager or copywriter”, a shop-maker, a synonym for “front-end developer” most of all, BUT ... what is included in the protocol “Shop maker” is much better and requires not only one skill to fill skills, there is still such a notion in corporations as a “full stack developer”, also a similar expression with our “shop maker”, but still not that, specifically SM - is engaged in the creation of IM, not just as another project for his portfolio, but the task with a creative bias, although the declaration of TK with the customer takes place, but still “shop crafting”, like art, is more motivated than just money or reputation.

From the projects of this SM, you can immediately see the unique and individual approach, the customer always returns to the real maker, but not for the reason that most freelancers or web studios are now doing (deliberately spoiling the code, creating an overabundance of software, in 2-3 months, the site was automatically lagged and, accordingly, they turned back for services or even put web shells and deliberately spoiled the functionality, in order to appeal to them and a new profit), and because the customer liked the staff so much amb with you and he wants to innovations in the shop, your rekkomendatsii, development, communication with you as a master of his craft ... guru.

How much does the shop-maker earn?

It is difficult to answer unequivocally, the concept of shop-making can be divided into categories, for example:

  • Kraft project with "0"
  • Support (hourly rate for creating or updating functionality or design elements)
  • Counseling
  • Audit
  • Project management (project management, quality control, task creation, etc.)
  • Rate

Here, everyone chooses for himself how it is more convenient for someone to have projects with “0”, for someone to hang on small things to get hand on an hourly payment, it is possible to combine this way and that, the main thing is to enjoy the process, the main point in the “protocol SM ”, if you have come to this niche, to become a specialist, to earn a lot of dough, I’m in a hurry to disappoint you, bro, I’ll say from my own experience that it’s not a single specialist who has already been trained and released for free swimming me, no more than 3-5 years kept in this market, then about they were tired of the same tasks, they didn’t want to develop, because only mani was their incentive, communication with the customer was through his teeth in a year, especially when a customer who had never had a shop before, doesn’t know what TD is It is necessary to explain why he pays $ 500 and what he gets in the end, those. support, correspondence at the weekend.

So, my friends and girlfriends, if you are not rushing, from the very idea of ​​creating a really cool shop, which will be visible on the Internet and you will know that this is your creation, but it's just interesting to finish another project, in code before the deadline, as many freelancers do, takes the loot from the customer and then ignore it, leaving the latter with a bunch of non-optimized govnokod, a semi-working shop, which students will see the error on the scanner and start exploiting for their own interests, at best.

So this small introductory word was aimed at weeding out freeloaders and schoolchildren who dream of easy earnings, without much contribution from their efforts, no, dear, we are for the mutually beneficial barter of knowledge and experience that you get - will remain with you life, and even if you do not dare to become a master in creating shops, the skills that you will gain can be used to competently create your own shop to make it the way you see it, without the speculation of unscrupulous web studios or freelancers.

The courses on SM will take place in several stages, at the end of the course - a master class with personal task analysis and individual rebuses, with the issuance of a certificate of completion.