Mr. Bro

OC сервер ID: oc-36255

Если Вы хотите найти модули, которые будут максимально совместимы с версией интернет магазина, а так же уделяете внимание качеcтву кода, то предлагаем к просмотру: карта кликов от notifyvisitors, это решение было разработано специально для магазинов, работающих на платформе OpenCart, с поддержкой от нашей компании каждого магазина, работающего на нашей CMS Brocart.

При скачивании бесплатного дополнения, мы не даем 100% гарантии, что оно будет работать на Вашем магазине, просим быть внимательными к интсрукциям по установке!
    Clicks Heatmap Reports: Now get to know where visitors are clicking on your page ,so that your page content could be improved

    Scrolling Heatmap Reports: Comes with the data which shows how much the average is scrolling upon your page

    Mouse Hover Reports: Report showing where the users are spending more time on the web page

    Realtime Analytics: All the reports are updated with realtime data or a maximum delay of 1 minute

    Multiple Domain Usage: Notify visitors believe that one code is enough for all. So, it doesn't matter how many domains you have just put the code and start analyzing

    Realtime Webpage: All heatmaps graphs are previewed on the realtime webpages rather than on a screenshot of the web page (provided by other applications)

    Dropoff: Now get to know after which field visitor is leaving the form, through our dropoff rate analytics of each field

    Submission attempts: Lets you evaluate how many time the user has attempted to submit the form and out of which how many of them are successfull and failed

    Field Interaction: Providing data which lets you see which field is getting more or less interactions by the user

    Easy configuration: Just add the a custom form name and provide a URL in which the form is present . Now choose which field is to be tracked , that's it

    Interaction Time: Provides the average time the user has spent upon each field

    Left blanks: See how many times the field is left blank , so that the form could be improved

Дмитрий – 24.11.2018

Добрый день. Спасибо за файл, как раз искал подобное решение для своего магазина, надеюсь что аналогичные потом можно так же будет скачать. Спасибо Большое.