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Якщо Ви бажаєте знайти оплата, котрі будуть максимально сумісні з версією інтернет магазину, а також звертаєте увагу на якість коду, то пропонуємо до перегляду: mastercard для opencart, це рішення було розроблено спеціально для магазинів, працюючих на платформі OpenCart, з підтримкою від нашої компанії кожного магазину, що працює на CMS Brocart.

При завантаженні безкоштовного доповнення, ми не даємо 100% гарантії, що воно буде працювати на Вашому магазині, просимо бути уважними до інструкцій по встановленню!

The module is free and it is with a community support license. If you have any specific issues, you can contact the technical support team over at Mastercard. Check this page for more information.

Easily integrate Mastercard Payment Gateway Services into your OpenCart store with this extension. Mastercard Payment Gateway Services offers industry leading, global payment processing services and advanced fraud management solutions. Optional sophisticated fraud prevention tools to minimize fraud without rejecting genuine customers and compromising the speed or efficiency.

Global Payment Gateway - Supports all gateway endpoints (North America/South America + Europe/UK/MEA + Asia/Pacific) making the extension usable by OpenCart stores around the globe. You also have the option to specify your own custom gateway
All the Information You Need - For each transaction made through the Mastercard Payment Gateway you have a detailed display of transaction data including: Transaction ID, Order ID, Status, Transaction Result, Transaction Type, Amount, Risk Status, Risk Score, Customer User Agent, Customer IP and more
Professional Analytics - The Mastercard Payment Gateway Services for OpenCart comes with Google Analytics integrated so that you can easily track interactions with the checkout
Security 2.0 - The extension works only on stores with SSL. No sensitive data is stored on your site - payments, fraud checks, storing of credit card information are managed in a secure and standardized fashion directly by Mastercard
Safety, Security and Quality - Mastercard Payment Gateway Services integration for OpenCart has been officially endorsed by Mastercard
Hosted Checkout via Lightbox or redirect - All sensitive data is collected and managed by Mastercard.
Tokenization of credit cards - (only for registered customers). Speeds up all subsequent checkouts done by your customers, leading to better customer experience. Customers with tokenized credit cards can make fast checkouts without getting redirected and entering data in the Hosted Checkout gateway.
Voiding and Refunding made easy -Voiding and Refunding transactions directly from the OpenCart admin panel.
Test mode On/Off - Test mode for cases when you want to see if the extension is set up properly.

MasterCard for OpenCart 2 comes with extensive documentation with images, installation instructions, features explanations and examples.

View Mastercard Documentation

Front end demo
Back end demo

Зинаида – 01.01.2018

Привет. Встретила у вас на сайте архив, спасибо, всюду что то не рабочее, интересно, а на другие версии подойдёт ? Всем рекомендую!