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  • CMS BroCart 3.1.5
  • All Categories (with Sub Categories) Page OpenCart 3.x
  • Update Product Prices in Order
  • Add CoD on Product Page
  • Social Media Icons for Footer ( default theme)
  • HTML Minify | Compress code | SourceCode Compressor
  • Export data advanced
  • SagePay
  • Paytm Payment Method For Free
  • PayUMoney Payment Gateway
  • Delhivery Lastmile Open Cart Integration
  • Special and discount takes lowest price fix 3x ocmod



We are always looking for talents!

We are always looking for talents!

The BroCart team and freelancers from different countries, united in the FIA alliance, made a lot of efforts to get a CMS that could be out of competition in the market among e-commerce products.

And this is only the beginning, our team has taken the liberty to challenge the well-established ideas about what should be an online store, a modern businessman and I dare to write, to be successful, to make a profit, easily maintained, understandable in setting up, safe and pet search engines. Our marketers have also developed a «happy hour» for you. The probability of which increases with each visit, so come to us more often, download, configure, communicate.

Creating an online store has never been so easy and convenient, and now with the support of a team of experienced professionals.

We are for mutually beneficial barter