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Інструмент Експорт-Импорт

OC сервер ID: oc-17

Якщо Ви бажаєте знайти модулі, котрі будуть максимально сумісні з версією інтернет магазину, а також звертаєте увагу на якість коду, то пропонуємо до перегляду: інструмент експорт-импорт, це рішення було розроблено спеціально для магазинів, працюючих на платформі OpenCart, з підтримкою від нашої компанії кожного магазину, що працює на CMS Brocart.

При завантаженні безкоштовного доповнення, ми не даємо 100% гарантії, що воно буде працювати на Вашому магазині, просимо бути уважними до інструкцій по встановленню!
What it does
The Import-Export Tool allows the admin user to do a bulk export of categories, products, options, attributes, filters and customers to an Excel spreadsheet file. The spreadsheet file can be edited offline and then be re-imported to the OpenCart database.

Features include:
  • The Import can be incremental, that is, data is updated or added to the OpenCart server. Or it can be non-incremental which means all old data is first deleted before the Import.
  • The Export can be limited to certain data ranges only for products and categories.
  • Multiple languages are supported, too.

Requirements and Limitations
Memory requirements can be quite high.

Not every shared web hosting account supports a high process memory usage. Therefore, if you use a basic shared web hosting account, no more than a few thousand products can be exported or imported at a time. Use a more dedicated web hosting account if a higher number of products are to be processed in one go. Or export and import multiple times in smaller batches.

In the OpenCart admin backend, do the following steps:
  1. Install via Extensions > Marketplace or via Extensions > Installer > Upload
  2. Go to Extensions > Modifications, you should see an entry for this Export/Import tool
  3. Click on the Refresh button (top right of the page)
  4. Go to System > Users > User Group > Edit Administrator
  5. Set access and modify permissions for 'extension/export_import' (for OC 3.x or later) or 'tool/export_import' (for OC 2.x or earlier)

That's it! You should now see the Export/Import tool under the menu System > Maintenance > Export / Import (for OC 3.x or later) or under the menu System > Tools > Export / Import (for OC 2.x or earlier).

Further help and customized versions
This tool has been successfully tested for standard OpenCart 1.5.x, 2.x, and 3.x versions.
Don't use other Opencart versions with this module.
If you need a customized version of the Export/Import Tool, let us know and we can create one for a charge.

This Export/Import Tool is Copyright (c) 2008-2017 by MHCCORP.COM and is made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 3.

Please use the regular OpenCart forum for support, not this comments section! See also our FAQ page for more details on how to resolve installation problems and other common errors!

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