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Додаткові смс Служби Opencart API

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Якщо Ви бажаєте знайти модулі, котрі будуть максимально сумісні з версією інтернет магазину, а також звертаєте увагу на якість коду, то пропонуємо до перегляду: додаткові смс служби opencart api, це рішення було розроблено спеціально для магазинів, працюючих на платформі OpenCart, з підтримкою від нашої компанії кожного магазину, що працює на CMS Brocart.

При завантаженні безкоштовного доповнення, ми не даємо 100% гарантії, що воно буде працювати на Вашому магазині, просимо бути уважними до інструкцій по встановленню!
Opencart "SMS Notifications" Extension allows you to send SMS notifications to customers with the information about the status of their order.

Since this add-on helps to keep customers up-to-date about the current order status, it increases trust in your business. So, the sales levels from your store get promoted.

Features of Opencart Extension:-

In Opencart online store, this SMS notification add-on is easy for installation.
Customer get information through SMS, no need to check the mail from wherever.
SMS are always displayed at the delivered time but an e-mail which can be considered as SPAM sometimes.
SMS notifications send to customer and an admin, while the order gets placed.
SMS notification to customer, if order gets cancelled.
If Order gets placed, then the SMS notification to customer tells the Order successfully placed with Order Id.
If Order status change to shipping, then the customers gets the SMS notification like ‘Order shipped with Tracking number and shipping provider name’.
If Order status change to delivery, then the customers gets the SMS notification like ‘Order successful to delivered’.

Opencart SMS extension Benefits for Merchant

Merchant get an SMS notification after order successfully get placed.
Allow the admin to add more than one number for receiving the SMS.
This add-on allows merchant to send the SMS to customer about their order status.
This add-on keeps customers up-to-date about the current order status through SMS notification. So, the business levels get promoted.
Due to SMS notification add-on, customer get trust in your business and sales level get improved.
If you do not want the SMS function for the time being then you can disable add-on by yourself.

SMS API details:-
Transactional SMS:- 20,000 SMS.


Installation process is simple and as like other extension installations.
This extension is compatible to open cart version from 1.5.x, 1.9.x, 2.0.x, 3.0.x version as well to the latest version and upcoming new version it has capability to install easily and we upgrade for all versions.

We provide the both SMS extension and API integration in cost-effective. If you already have a API, we ready to provide you the SMS extension.

1. Do not resell the software and use it on licensed domain(s) only.
2. The add-on installation may take 1-2 business days after the purchase.

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