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Якщо Ви бажаєте знайти модулі, котрі будуть максимально сумісні з версією інтернет магазину, а також звертаєте увагу на якість коду, то пропонуємо до перегляду: смс воза - смс повідомлення, це рішення було розроблено спеціально для магазинів, працюючих на платформі OpenCart, з підтримкою від нашої компанії кожного магазину, що працює на CMS Brocart.

При завантаженні безкоштовного доповнення, ми не даємо 100% гарантії, що воно буде працювати на Вашому магазині, просимо бути уважними до інструкцій по встановленню!
Why use CartSMS
Improve your OpenCart store capabilities and create new opportunities for your business with CartSMS – the new generation SMS module for OpenCart.

Improve customer relationship
Make your customers happy and notify them about order status change via SMS notifications.

Increase sales
Promote your products and services via targeted & personalized bulk SMS.

Stay informed
Receive SMS notifications with other store admins whenever a new order is placed, a product is out of stock, and much more!

Watch a short walkthrough video of this OpenCart SMS module and its important features.

Main features
Customer & Admin SMS notification
Your customers are what matters most. Notify them.
  • Notify your customers via personalized and automated SMS notifications about their order status
  • Activate/deactivate SMS templates for any situation that occurs during the order process, and adjust the text
  • Create your custom SMS notifications
  • Adjust multilingual templates and notify your customers in their native language, or the language of the visited website
  • Automatic conversion of customer´s mobile number to international format and many other great features!
  • Receive SMS notification whenever a new order is placed, cancelled, product is out of stock, or other event occurs in your OpenCart store
  • Activate one or more admins for each message template (event), so nothing slips through the cracks. One of the admins will receive notifications whenever the event happens
  • Send SMS directly from order detail
  • Multistore support

Bulk SMS campaigns & target marketing
Attract your customer’s attention with.
  • Promote your products and services, and increase your sales via targeted & personalized bulk SMS campaigns
  • Import contacts to your bulk SMS campaign via CSV/Excel, vCard, enter numbers manually or your OpenCart store
  • Use different sender ID types to send your campaigns. Look at our price list to see which are available in your country!
  • Shorten your campaign links with our URL shortener and save the precious characters to create better messages
  • DND (Do not Disturb) solution for India and other countries (NDNC registry)

2-way messaging
  • Interact with your customers directly and receive their reactions through 2-way SMS

Records and Statistics
  • Have a complete overview of your messaging activity
  • Check statistics to see what impact your campaigns have
  • Browse through the history list

API & Custom Hooks
  • Use Simple API to add functions you need to your OpenCart extension
  • Use custom hooks to add your own admin/customer notification to your OpenCart SMS module

Affiliate program
Earn a commission on happy customers with our affiliate program.

CartSMS module has our BulkGate SMS gateway in its heart. This means that CartSMS communicates and is depended on BulkGate in order to provide you all the necessary services.Try our new BulkGate Portal. See other SMS modules we have developed so far.

You can find all the important documentation on our BulkGate helpdesk. Helpdesk gives you answers to all the questions you might want to ask.

Олеся – 18.06.2018

Хай. Не сразу поняла как скачать файл, потом получилось, все нормально работает, очень рада что ведёте поддержку, так держать. Зайду ещё отпишу.