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If You want to find payment, which will be as compatible with the version of the online store, and also pay attention to the quality of the code, then we offer to view: accept bitcoin payments via apirone gateway, this solution was specifically designed for stores, working on the platform OpenCart, with the support of our company from every store that works on CMS Brocart.

When you download a free extension, we do not give 100% guarantee that it will work in your store, please be careful about the installation instructions!
Use Apirone’s extension to accept Bitcoin payments from customers around the World.
We support SegWit protocol. These transactions have priority and less Bitcoin network fee.

We generate a new bitcoin address for each order. This address is like an identifier of order. Because a couple of customers can pay at one time and can do it partially from different sources. We monitor each generated address and notify your Store about arrived payments for orders.
All received payments to generated addresses will be immediately forwarded to your specified bitcoin address. In case of partial payments - each payment forwarded too.

You don't need to create account, use API keys or pass KYC. Just use your own Bitcoin address!

How it works:

Key features:

    Payments forwarding directly into your bitcoin wallet (we do not hold your money)
    Fully Anonymous.
    No KYC/documentation necessary. No third-party accounts. Use your own wallet.
    Fixed Fee 0.0002 BTC (flat rate for any amount forever, no fee for amounts less than 100,000 Satoshi)
    White label processing (your online store seamless accept payments without redirects, iframes, payment advertisements, etc.)
    Around the world
    TOR network support
    Unlimited count of your requests (generate thousands of bitcoin addresses for thousands of your customers)

Installation process step by step:


1) Download
2) Go to Extensions » Installer and upload
3) Go to Extensions » Extensions. Choose Payments from dropdown menu.
4) Click install button (green plus) Apirone plugin.
5) Click Edit button.
6) Enter your Bitcoin address and switch plugin Status to enable in Plugin settings.

The plugin uses our own RESTful API – Bitcoin Forwarding V1. You can read more “How does it work” at and details about bitcoin forwarding. Site support multi-language documentation.

If you use SSL, please check your certificate for errors. Because we can not make a connection to incomplete SSL bundle due of security reason.
Also, please add our domain and source IP to the white list in Cloudflare or another CDN and to your firewall rules.
Otherwise, we can not guaranty properly callback to your host.

Everyone can accept bitcoin payments!


Contact info:
Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions. Also, we can help to test payments with our bitcoins.
Our email:

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