Mr. Bro

ID: oc-36254

If You want to find modules, which will be as compatible with the version of the online store, and also pay attention to the quality of the code, then we offer to view: free live chatbot by notifyvisitors, this solution was specifically designed for stores, working on the platform OpenCart, with the support of our company from every store that works on CMS Brocart.

When you download a free extension, we do not give 100% guarantee that it will work in your store, please be careful about the installation instructions!
    RE-BUILT CHAT BOTS: Pre-built chat-bots with different intent, entities and conversation flows

    MEMORY MANAGEMENT: Save key information from user inputs for later use, making human-like conversations

    WEBHOOK: Add connections to your API and connect to external services

    RICH MEDIA: Integrate rich messaging formats such as Image, buttons, cards, quick replies and carousels in your bot conversation

    MACHINE LEARNING: The Bot responses get better with every human interaction

    EASY TO USE: Sign-up now and integrate AI-backed chat-bots in few minutes on your website

    AI Backed Conversation: Bot responses will improve with every user interaction. Bot memorizes each users flow and provides better paths for new users

    Better User Experience: The bot uses multi rich media like images, carousal, emoji for better user engagement and experience

    Easy to build: NotifyVisitors dashboard is user-friendly and creates a bot with step by step process

Нина – 24/05/2018

Здравствуйте! Спасибо за файл, как раз искала подобное решение для своего магазина, надеюсь что аналогичные потом можно так же будет скачать. Зайду ещё отпишу.