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OC server ID: oc-20136

If You want to find modules, which will be as compatible with the version of the online store, and also pay attention to the quality of the code, then we offer to view: show order number, category & product name (admin edit mode), this solution was specifically designed for stores, working on the platform OpenCart, with the support of our company from every store that works on CMS Brocart.

When you download a free extension, we do not give 100% guarantee that it will work in your store, please be careful about the installation instructions!
Com esta modificação instalada você poderá saber qual pedido, departamento e produto está editando visto que existem muitas abas e campos a se preencher

Para instalar basta fazer o upload do arquivo zip no instalador.=)
Depois acesse Extensões > Modificações e clique no botão atualizar (do opencart não do navegador)

O Script foi baseado na versão para - Know Your Category Revised e Know Your Product Criado por mbrinson

Caso ache o módulo útil e tenha o desejo de me pagar um café, aceitarei de bom grado =)

With this modification installed you can find out which order, department and product are editing since there are many tabs and fields to fill.

To install just upload the zip file in the installer. =)
Then go to Extensions> Modifications and click the update button (the opencart not the browser)

If you think the module is useful and has the desire to pay me some coffee, I accept willingly =)

Лилия – 20/12/2018

Добрый день. Встретила у вас на сайте архив, спасибо, всюду что то не рабочее, надеюсь что аналогичные потом можно так же будет скачать. Всем рекомендую!