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If You want to find modules, which will be as compatible with the version of the online store, and also pay attention to the quality of the code, then we offer to view: ocmod order - management of the order of ocmod execution, this solution was specifically designed for stores, working on the platform OpenCart, with the support of our company from every store that works on CMS Brocart.

When you download a free extension, we do not give 100% guarantee that it will work in your store, please be careful about the installation instructions!
OCMOD Execution Order allows you to specify the order in which the modifiers are executed.

Between the various modifiers that make changes to the same files, conflicts can occur.
In some cases, these conflicts can be avoided simply by changing the order in which the modifiers are executed.

When you use this mod, the modifiers will be executed according to the priority: first according to the assigned order, then by name.

The tool will be useful for developers and specialists to resolving OCMOD conflicts


✔ Change the order of execution directly in the modifier list
✔ Priority of execution: first in the specified order, then by name
✔ Automatically creates and uses a separate "modification_order" table in the DB
✔ Does not change the Opencart core files and its standard tables
✔ Works on ajax, uses OCMOD

Compatible with Opencart versions 20x - 303x

Install 20x - 2200
1. Upload file ocmod-order.ocmod.xml in Extensions > Extension Installer
2. Refresh the Modifications cache in Extensions > Modifications

Install 230x
1. Upload the file ocmod-order.ocmod.xml into "system" directory
2. TWICE refresh the Modifications cache in Extensions > Modifications

If an error occurs after the first update:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class ModelExtensionModification
- press F5 and update the modifiers cache again

This problem is caused by the incorrect operation of the Opencart core when the file model/extension/modification.php is modified through OCMOD
more detail here

Install 3x
1. Upload the file ocmod-order-3x.ocmod.xml into "system" directory
2. Refresh the Modifications cache (press Refresh button) in Extensions > Modifications
3. Refresh theme cache in Dashboard > Developer Settings


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