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Bro server ID: bro-3.1.9

If You want to find distributive with a comfortable admin, for the organization of large profits, satisfied customers, and also pay attention to the quality of the code, then we offer to acquaintance: cms brocart 3.1.9, this solution was specifically designed for to create a store [shopmaking], on the base platform OpenCart 3, with the support of our company from every store that works on CMS Brocart. No programming knowledge needed, we did everything for you.

When you download a free extension, we do not give 100% guarantee that it will work in your store, please be careful about the installation instructions!

Building BroCart is the work invested by more than a dozen developers, whose author’s code has resulted in an excellent software package, with which you can not only position your business on the network, but also engage in successful trading and have competitive advantage.

Since the build itself is based on the Opencart 3 version framework, all add-ons easily fit, and the support for this framework totals thousands of developers around the world.

Here are the main modifications that were made in the original part:

1. Locale 3 languages

2. Button to apply in the product, options, categories, attributes, article, manufacturer + go to the open tab

3. Filter by category in the list of products

4. Removed in modules, payments, delivery, all that is irrelevant for the CIS

5. Lokalpkopi fix

6. Goods which are not - at the end of the list

7. 6 delivery methods for Ukraine

8. More convenient admin from version 2.3

9. The file manager automatically changes the Cyrillic in the file name or when creating a directory.

10. Choosing a server to show add-ons in admin panel

11. Added selection of country map + shows how many orders are expected from each region (region) by the order of logistics by colors

12. Basic settings page

13. Color order statuses

14. Static Sitemap + scan settings + extended index file for products + multilanguage support

15. Simple Order (One-page ordering)

16. Added display of the product when confirming

17. Stylish admin panel

18. Deleting pictures (main and additional), when removing goods

19. SVG support

20. Implemented logo support in different languages.

21. Meta Tags for Home in all languages

22. Correct pagination with the addition of the prev and next meta tags

23. Meta Tag H1 and TITLE for categories, products, articles, manufacturers

24. Adding rel = "canonical" according to the experience of 3 independent CEO agencies

25. For stores with more than one language - "hreflang" with multiURL support

26. Adding Robots with parameters "noindex, follow" on pages with sorting and related technical pages

27. Manufacturer data in all languages ​​+ description

28. SEO SDK - a set of copyright code for setting CNC parameters according to all the rules of SEO-requirements, written using the technology "RockerLayer" (the fastest build at the time of testing)

29. Management of Countries and Regions (Ukrainianized and Russified), when turning off / deleting a country, disconnection / deletion occurs and regions attached to this country

30. When installing a template, it is possible to select templates from versions 2.x with the extension TPL

31. Added clearing caches \ logs \ modifications

32. URL input validator (anti-duplicator) for URL-alias field


and much more that did not have time to fix, but it will be a great addition to the work of your store.

With respect, brocard team, FIA, and special thanks:

Daniel Kerr - OS Authorship

ALarik - SEO, coding, TPL and TWIG compatibility

SlaSoft - coding, optimization, caching, SEO

OCappLab - security, optimization, extensions

Einshtein - support, support, consulting

Yura_co - testing, localization, template engine

Kamilla - Marketing and PR

Sergiosinicin - counseling and support

Арсен – 06/05/2020

Спасибо! Сборка зашла на ура!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Admin – 26/05/2019

Надеюсь не возникло проблем больше при скачивании, из за большого файла могло немного задежать загрузку, останое должно быть быстро, как и сама сборка в целом. Спасибо что доверяете.

Кристина – 10/03/2018

Хай. Не сразу поняла как скачать файл, потом получилось, все нормально работает, надеюсь что аналогичные потом можно так же будет скачать. Спасибо Большое.